About Vitteey


Launched in February 4, 2022 on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by a team based in Turkey, VITTEEY (VITY, finance in Hindi) is a project token aimed at both cheap and easy money transfer. One of the main objectives of this project is to serve on its own swap exchange, which will not charge a certain transaction fee for trading transfers that require low transaction volume. In addition, it is among the goals to strengthen with the community investing in this project and to make the necessary developments with a sustainable token volume built on that community. Moreover, in order to protect the investors from sudden price fluctuations, there is a well-designed auto-staking system that provides passive returns by rewarding token holders with fees from transactions (buying and selling) performed on VITY. At last but not least, It was listed on Finexbox on the 5th day of its launch.


Token Name

Vitteey Token

Total supply

1,000,000,000,000 Vity



Token Adress



Community Owned

The project is entirely dedicated to the community.


Ads from the grocery wallet and exchanges negotiations are continuing.

Anti Whales

Anti manipulation features to prevent
pump-and-dump whale accounts from
controlling the chart


Phase 1

Start Project
1.000 Holders
CoinMarketCap Listing
CoinGecko Listing
Stock Listing
%10 Burn

Phase 2

10.000 Holders
Stock Listing
Vitteey Swap Intro
Mexc Listing
%15 Burn

Phase 3

50.000 Holders
Stock Listing
Vitteey Swap PreLaunch
%20 Burn

Phase 4

100.000 Holders
Bybit Listing
Vitteey Swap Launch
%30 Burn

How to buy Vitteey Coin

Download & Setup Metamask or Trust Wallet